The Light & Lighting Laboratory of KU Leuven, Technology campus Ghent supports SME with the implementation of innovative developments in lighting. The main research items are Indoor Lighting, New light sources, Optical design of secondary optics using ray-tracing software, Appearance (colour and gloss), Photovoltaics

The laboratory is equipped with the appropriate measurement instruments for optical characterizations: spectral intensity, spectral radiance, luminous intensity distributions, colour and colour temperature, specular and diffuse reflectance and transmittance, spectral BSDF, spectral response.

The laboratory is an active member within CIE and cooperates with several universities (in particular with VUB/Luxetec) and more than 70 companies, especially SME. The laboratory combines research activities (PhD research) with activities of industrial support (characterizations, optical design, seminars, . . .).